About IRCPVA 2024

1st International Research Conference on Performing and Visual Arts 2024

The first international research conference on ‘Performing and Visual Arts’ at the University of Jaffna organized by the Sir Ponnambalam Ramanathan Faculty of Performing and Visual Arts will be held on the July 26, 2024 under the theme of “Contemporary Challenges in Creative Arts”. A Cultural Event is scheduled for July 27, 2024, following that.

This conference attempts to create a space to generate discourses related to artistic, aesthetic, and performative creation and productions. Subjective works need to be investigated from objective perspectives. Creative arts could enable societies to progress rather than merely being a tool to be admired by people. It would open up a venue where the creative arts embedded in indigenous culture could be standardized to the expectations of an international arena. Besides, the creative arts could also be used to mitigate the harmful impact of anti-social activities.


Conference Tracks

Music Traditions


Theatre and performance

Painting and Sculpture

Liberal Arts

Conference Sub Themes

  1. Context and subtext in Dramatic text

  2. Traditional Theatre

  3. Scenography in Theatre

  4. Actor and Performer

  5. Theatre for Social Development

  6. Dance in literature and Inscriptions

  7. Contemporary Bharathanatyam and dance dramas

  8. Dance Forms in folk art

  9. Physical activities and Dance in Scientific views

  10. Dance in aesthetic views, experiences and Philosophy

  11. Technology and Music media

  1. Tamizharisai

  2. Music traditions and Socio-psychological attitudes

  3. Temples and Music

  4. Music Education and Folk Music

  5. Contemporary Art

  6. Art and Culture

  7. Social Media and Art

  8. Commercial Art

  9. Indigenous craft traditions

  10. Public Space Sculpture

  11. Conceptual Sculpture

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